Local Products

Cavicchi Meats

Cavicchi Meats is a local small boutique operation, based in Tantallon. The establishment is a provincially inspected establishment. Grant and his wife Beverly produce our British Sausage range using old world recipes. Cavicchi Meats has been established in the area for many years.

Staff of Life Bakery Halifax

The Staff of Life Bakery supplies us with Samos's and Pakoras. If you like the flavour of Indian food, you will love these products, they are tasty and wholesome.


Nova Coffee

Nova Coffee supplies us with our Italian roasted Illy coffee and also their own Nova coffee brand. Their goal is to serve our customers a superb cup of coffee. Nova Coffee have been in business since 1973.

Baku Tea

Bassir Sobhani is a local tea importer and a tea expert based in Tantallon. He provides us with our loose specialty teas. Bassir buys direct from the source, where the teas are grown, in order to provide the highest quality teas. We have a wide variety to choose from.